Why Coaching?

I’m going to make an assumption — you wouldn’t be on this page if you didn’t want something different for your life that you haven’t been able to create on your own. Whether it’s building your own business, more work/life balance, or improving an existing business, if you were headed towards your goals and passions at breakneck speed, you probably wouldn’t be searching for someone to help you. So why would you hire a coach?

At its heart, coaching is a conversation. It is unique in that it assumes you are the expert in your life. I haven’t lived your life – I haven’t had enough time to live my own life yet, let alone yours on top of that! Coaching assumes that you have every single answer that you need to get what you want – but here’s the thing: much like Tiger Woods can’t look in the mirror while he’s swinging a golf club to see what his foot is doing, and how it’s affecting his swing, a coach stands outside of your life looking impartially at who you’re being and what you’re doing. I’m able to be your reflection and support you in uncovering those things that might be holding you back.  

I could come in and tell you how I would run a restaurant/handle a budget/cook meals. But you’re not me. I partner with my clients to choose how THEY want to do things and where they want to go in their lives, and choose the best path to get there. 

Once you know what you want and have decided what actions you want to take to create it, I then become the holy grail of humans in your life – an accountability partner who stands for you to do what you said you were going to do. I’m sure you have plenty of friends and family members who will let you off the hook when life gets in the way. You don’t need me to be another one. When you hire me, we create exactly what you need to show up and get it done.

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