Working Outside of the Hospitality Industry?

You are someone with a plan! Or at least, it seemed like a plan when you thought of it. Maybe it’s more of an idea? But you swear it’s a good idea that will work if you could just get it to… you know, WORK. 

If you haven’t heard it yet, please allow me to be the first to tell you that this is completely normal. You tapped into your brilliance and created something amazing — something you really want to do in your life. Now you just need the “how.” Or maybe you have the how and, but it’s just taking so much LONGER than you thought it would!

That’s where I come in. I’m a trained coach. I will listen for the obstacles between you and what you want, and ask questions designed to elicit solutions and strategies from your already clever mind. Sure, I could just tell you what I’d do, but you aren’t me, and there’s no guarantee that my process would work as your process.

Trusting your natural creativity and resourcefulness, I will provide the support you need to enhance the skills you already have to maximize your personal and professional potential. We’ll design actions that are in line with your commitments and values to take that plan from idea to results! My clients start businesses, get massive raises, leave dead end jobs, build their own homes, and more:

“Working with Alison gave me a sense of control and possibility in my life I’d never experienced before. She is adept at seeing more in you than you do in yourself and insisting on celebrating each achievement and milestone. Coaching with Alison has become the best investment I have ever made in myself.” – Lisa B.

“Alison has maintained a level of dedication and professionalism that is truly rare to find. She has interesting insights and an ability to be encouraging while also maintaining accountability. She helps me to stay focused on my goals and has helped me through the struggles which that can entail.” – Sarah B.

“A personal coach can help you by getting you to spell out what it is that you really want and then working with you to make the changes that actually enable you to get there.” – The Vancouver Province

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