My Apron Completes Me

There are so many perks to the restaurant industry. Roll out of bed at 2pm because work doesn’t start until 4. Cash in hand at the end of each shift. Family meals. Actually having fun at work. Scheduled to work and decide you want the night off? Cool, you have 8 co-workers willing to switch with you. Or maybe you want to pick up some extra cash this week? Just pick up a shift – easy as pie.

For so many of us, the industry is the epitome of flexibility and freedom to have an amazing life. And if you’re good at what you do, it’s an amazing life that can be way more lucrative than it would be to start at some soulless entry-level corporate gig.

If you’ve decided that being a server, bartender, or manager is something that you want to do for the rest of your life, I salute you. You have made an incredible decision for yourself, and I support it. (Put me in your pocket for your next family reunion and watch me rain down fire on Aunt Sally when she casually asks you when you’re going to get a “real job.” Merriam-Webster: job – a regular remunerative position. Boom. Take that, Aunt Sally.)

Right, but also – you’re still on my website. Which probably means that something is missing for you. Maybe you don’t know where your money goes. You know you made a ton of it last week, but somehow you’re still broke. Or maybe you feel like all you do is work, and you need some balance in your life. Just a few minutes to do some gd yoga would change your life, you’re sure of it.

Click here for a FREE introductory call with me on how you want your life to look and what it would take. Maybe it’s information. Maybe you need accountability. Or maybe you need to work on how you treat your money and your time. No matter what, I’ve got you covered.

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