I Run a Bar/Restaurant

I get it – you’re too busy putting out fires to address the underlying issues facing your restaurant. Not to mention the large-scale issues the entire Food and Beverage industry is up against. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way!

At a time when other industries are realizing that a happy employee is a more productive and efficient employee, restaurants still celebrate being over-tired and over-worked.

But imagine a world where:

  • “razor thin margins” is no longer the norm
  • you can treat each of your customers like your best customer, and have them all coming back for more
  • every single employee you have, from your AGM down to your dishwasher, shows up for work energized and wanting to give their all to your vision and goals for your business

Heck, imagine being able to slow down enough for two seconds to remind yourself what that vision is and why you got into this work in the first place.

Industries across the US are reinventing themselves and for the most part, the restaurant industry is being left behind.

And then COVID.

We’ve already had to rethink everything about how we do business. As we come back to life, why not continue to reinvent so that you have the business you really want?

So who am I to be getting all up in your grill about this? (Pun absolutely intended, thank you very much.)

Well first off, I’m someone who never intended to make restaurant work my career. I just happened to be good at it. Really good at it.

And it was way more fun to walk home at night with a pocketful of cash than it was to keep getting rejected at audition after audition in my acting “career.”

The places I worked regularly saw revenue bumps of 10+%. And I made great tips.

But I’m just one person. I can’t work everywhere at once. And let’s be honest – I wouldn’t want to. After 18 years working everything from busser to Events Director, my shoulder twinges every time I pick up a tray.

So I created the Revolutionize Your Restaurant program that creates a whole staff full of workers just like me.

Businesses that work with me:

  • drive up revenue
  • decrease turnover
  • improve the effectiveness of communication between management and employees
  • increase both employee and customer satisfaction
  • and create a cohesive staff who are all working towards the same vision

With the added bonus of making your life easier along the way instead of harder!

If that sounds like the dream, book a Pre-Shift Call with me today!

“It’s increasingly important for companies to consider work/life balance as a benefit for employees, as it helps to keep the workforce productive and helps them to retain top employees in a tightening labor market.” Increasingly, companies are realizing that a happy employee is a more productive employee, and that work/life balance is crucial.”

Tara Sinclair of Indeed in a 2014 Forbes article

So where can we find that balance in the restaurant industry?

Coming Soon: a new Two-Day Program that you can bring in to your management team and your employees designed to increase efficiency, productivity, and most importantly, HAPPINESS in your bar or restaurant!

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