In the Industry?

You Might Be in the Restaurant Industry If…

… You call out ‘CORNER’ in the grocery store. And while walking your dog. And in your own kitchen,
… You have a weekly conversation with your friends reminding them that no, you can’t go out with them this Saturday night,
… You can eat a full dinner in 45 seconds and still have time to sip a cup of coffee before heading back onto the floor,
… The phrases on the fly, 8-top, and 86’d mean something to you, and finally
… if you know that the appropriate place to cry and/or scream at work is in the walk-in.

But you might also be in the restaurant industry if…

… You got into this business to support another career or passion, only to find that your industry gig consumes your life. If this sounds like you, hit Ditch the Apron and let’s talk about making your primary passion your primary gig

… Or maybe you *love* the hustle, but you just find yourself short on time, short on cash, and short on energy. If you fall into this camp, then heck yes! Make the most out of that sweet sweet industry life! Let’s talk about how you can find *gasp!* work/life balance in the industry that never sleeps (but really probably should) with My Apron Completes Me

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