Ditch the Apron

If you’re like me, then one of the best things about the restaurant industry is also the worst for you – it’s fun. And that fun is seductive. Where else do you get to make a living joking with friends and strangers and getting fed delicious food, and then walk out the door each night with a pocket full of cash?

You’ve probably had your, “That’s it, I’m OUT” moment multiple times. Maybe it’s because you got stiffed by a 10-top. Maybe your manager was being a dick again.

Or maybe you just reminded yourself that this wasn’t the plan

And then you’d go in for your next shift, ready to throw your apron on the office floor at the end of the night, only to have a blast and walk out the door with $350.

And you’d think, “Well next week. Next week I’m cutting back my hours at the very least.”

I know this conversation because I had this conversation with myself dozens of times. I was an “actor” who consistently bombed auditions because I was either working or too tired from working to prepare. Sometimes I would just skip them entirely, my butt glued to the couch after a long lunch shift.

My boyfriend at the time (the bartender at the spot across the street, because obviously) told me I wasn’t allowed to complain to him about my schedule any more. “You’re always saying you’re going to go in and insist they cut your shifts back, but you never do it!”

And he was absolutely right. Something was stopping me from doing all the things that I knew in my heart of hearts that I needed to do to have the life that I really wanted. But then I’d go in and have so much FUN during my next shift. And then my coworkers and I would stay out late having drinks across the street. And half my tips would pay for those drinks. And so the cycle continued…

So if you’re ready to cut the cord and ditch your apron, and just need that extra support to figure out what’s stopping you and kick it to the curb, sign up for your FREE introductory call!

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