About Ali

Hi, I’m Alison — but you can call me Ali!

I’m the founder of Alison Anne Coaching and I love bars and restaurants. I’ve spent over half of my life working in the industry and what started as an after-school job in high school developed into a 17-year career, ranging from bussing tables at a family-owned Italian restaurant in my hometown to my most recent position as the Communications and Events Director of Washington DC’s #1 sports bar.

My time working as a server/bartender — while pursuing a full-time acting career — provided me with incredible time management skills, financial management expertise, and healthy coping mechanisms. As I’ve moved up the ladder, I’ve gained an essential understanding of what it takes to be a good manager, in terms of both maximizing profits and supporting my people.

After helping some of my friends figure out how to get their raises and ideal schedules, I entered the Accomplishment Coaching Coach Training Program with the goal of beefing up my coaching skills so I could help other people get those things too.

I can help you juggle multiple passions, transition into or out of the industry, or even just make it to the gym a couple times a week. I can help bars and restaurants identify techniques and policies that are affecting management and employees in both positive and negative ways, develop new policies and practices, and create workplaces that hang onto their employees. You can learn more about these and other services here.

Not in the restaurant industry but can resonate with a job that is eating your life? Want a little more flexibility and freedom to do what you want to do? While my primary passion is working with restaurant industry employees, I am always open to speaking with people whose job is running their life who want to be the ones running the show. 

I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals the same way I’ve achieved mine. Have some questions? Let’s chat! You can book a FREE introductory call here.

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