Let’s Talk Time and Money

How free and breezy I want you to be about your time and money

Are you one of those people who never seems to have enough of them? 

If you are, then you’re in great company – once upon a time, it seems like every single decision I made was driven by the fact that I either didn’t have enough time or didn’t have enough money.

I was constantly rushing out the door like a madwoman just to be late for everything, including my work shifts.

I would go 20 minutes out of my way to save a few dollars on gas or public transportation.

Oh, and then there was that time that I showed up at happy hour with a plastic baggie of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because I wanted to hang out with my girlfriends, but was too worried about money to actually buy anything.

Here’s the funny thing though – I got anxious about the $6 it would cost to feed the parking meter and decided I would take the risk and not pay. But then when that risk didn’t work out, I somehow came up with the $50 to pay off my parking ticket.

And when I just “didn’t have time” to take my car in for a few hours to find out what that sound was, it meant that a few weeks down the road I managed to find a whole day to take off when my brake pads busted in the middle of the highway. (No joke – it was terrifying.)

Or heck, let’s talk about how I “don’t have 20 minutes” to write this blog post, and then I spent 20 minutes looking for that one jpg I saw that was really clever that illustrates this point so well!

Take inventory of your life as a whole – where are the actions that you’re taking to save time and money right now actually costing you time and money down the road?

It’s like I was making my life less fun just to face the negative consequences that I was trying to avoid anyway.


So my invitation to you today is to be honest with yourself. Look at the facts of your life. 

Do you really not have enough?

Or could you spend your time or money in different ways to be moving towards what you want, instead of escaping what you don’t want?

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