How It All Started

In 2017, I got into the best shape of my life. My coworkers made fun of me for my lunch boxes full of homemade meals and for working out in the bar’s tiny office, but it was all worth it. I completely transformed my relationship with food and learned how to exercise in a way that gave me the energy, strength, and body that I’ve always wanted. Hooray for me!

And then I started noticing something fascinating – my colleagues started asking me what my secret was. I would tell them about the program that I was doing, and that it cost ~$160 to get started, and they immediately balked. “Oh I can’t afford that.” or “I’d never have time to do what you’re doing.”

Um… huh? We both made $300 on Saturday night, and you told me you slept until 2pm today. What do you mean you can’t afford that and don’t have time? And look, I get that rent and food and late nights are things. I was right there in the sticks with them. But what was the gap between their money and the schedule, and what they were telling me about their money and their schedule? Clearly there was more at play here.

So I joined a coach training program and set up shop. Because here’s the thing – it’s never about the money or the time. It’s about the conversation you’re having with yourself about the money and the time. Basically, your brain is being a butthead. It loves staying cozy and comfortable doing all the things that you’re familiar with. 

But it’s incredibly unlikely that doing the same things you’ve been doing are suddenly going to get you different results. So if you’re looking to create something new in your life – whether that’s a new body, a new career, a new romantic relationship, or any of a million new things you might want – I invite you to look at where your conversation is, “I couldn’t possibly” and ask yourself – What’s stopping me?

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